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Dental bone grafting is necessary when you don’t have enough bone and gums in your jaw. This procedure is commonly performed before the Best Dental Implants Houston or when bone loss affects surrounding teeth. 

 A dental bone grafting adds volume and density to your jaw in the area where the bone loss occurred. The bone graft may take from other parts of your body, or artificial tissue will be used to graft the bone.  

How does a dental bone graft work?

Once the grafting is placed, it helps to repair your teeth and help regenerate bone tissue. Sometimes, your dental provider may combine a bone graft with platelet-rich(PRP). This will be taken from your blood to promote better regeneration and fastening healing. 

Who needs a dental bone graft?

People with heavy bone loss in their jaw usually need dental bone grafting. Your dentist may recommend this if you. 

  • Have a tooth extraction. 
  • Planning to replace a missing tooth with Dental Implants Near Me
  • I need to rebuild the jaw before the dental implants and dentures near me
  • If you lose area because of periodontal disease.

How common are dental bone grafts?

Dental bone grafting is very common. A dentist or an oral surgeon may perform them. There are four types of dental grafting;

 Socket preservation is called ridge preservation; for this type of grafting, a dentist places a tooth extraction. It helps missing teeth and prevents the sides of your socket. 

Ridge augmentation: If your teeth are missing, the supporting jawbone is thinner, so it helps increase the width and volume of the jawbone and can provide a stable foundation for implants and other dental appliances.  

Sinus lift: the maxillary sinuses sit just above your back teeth. If you have upper missing Teeth, the sinuses can drop down and invade the space once occupied by other teeth.  

Roots: If you won’t like to place dental implants because they would penetrate the sinus membrane. To prevent such a problem, Houston dental implant center will undergo surgery to protect the membrane.  

What happens before dental bone graft placement?

The dentist will perform a dental evaluation to check the health of your teeth, sum, and mouth. Dental X-rays or scans will be taken to know the health of your bone. Next, your dentist will discuss your treatment options to make a customized plan for you. 

What happens during dental bone graft surgery?

First, your dentist will numb the areas with the local anesthetic. Next, they’ll create a small incision to expose the gums. Then a dentist places gums tissues back so that the jawbone is visible. After cleaning and disinfecting the place, your dentist adds bone grafting to repair the issues. In any case, the bone grafts are covered with an additional membrane to protect the gums. Finally, the gums tissues are repositioned and placed close to the wound with stitches. 


Suppose you want a dental appliance but don’t have enough gum space. In that case, you should consider visiting Dental Implants Houston Tx for treatment and diagnosis.  

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