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The dental implant is a process that involves various phases, which can be different but interdependent for each person. And this entire process takes 2 to 3 quarters.  

So people leave this dental treatment because of time; in this article, you will learn about dental implant procedures and how long it will take. And how can you wear Dental Implants in a day

Evaluation and prep

This includes tooth extraction to bone grafting. Moreover, your doctor performs CT scans to evaluate your mouth and the bone structure at the dental implant site. They will move further if no grafting is needed, which takes 3 to 6 months. Bone grafting is generally required if a tooth is missing for a long time. During the first year of missing teeth, bone loss occurs at a double rate. This makes the early placement of artificial teeth critical and saves the cost of dental implants and the time incurred on dental implant treatment. If you are looking for Single Tooth Dental Implants, you can consider contacting a dentist to know what is best for you. 

Artificial Root Placement

In this phase, the artificial tooth is placed by a dentist into the bone, and that allows the area to heal faster.  

The procedure takes hours, and the healing time is double the treatment. During this time, the titanium alloy dental implants heal faster and merge with the surrounding bone tissue. Also, they won’t allow anything that gives load to your implant during the recovery and healing time. 

Placement of the Crown

In this phase, your dentist will place artificial or pseudo teeth on the root if they will heal appropriately into the jaw. Before this, they will make an impression on your mouth and send it to a dental laboratory to fabricate a dental crown that will match the top teeth, size, and shapes of your teeth. Generally, this phase will take two dental visits at your dentist. 

What are the same day dental implants near me?

You can see them and find them more attractive in a lesser time period, but there is some factor you need to fit into so that you can have same day dental implants. You need room between the two teeth; apart from that, same day dental implants are risky and put the unnecessary risk of dental implant failure. Because dental implants are highly successful and durable and may last for a lifetime if you maintain good dental habits, you should consider the option for dental implants that can help give you a good look with a good amount of dental implant healing time. 


What’s the difference between natural teeth or Permanent Teeth Implants? Suppose you are confused about the difference between the actual teeth and the dental implant. In that case, you can find many answers to this question online. Still, to know about them, you should make an appointment with a dentist who will help you to understand the differences between both and how much actual time it takes after the thorough diagnosis.  

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