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Root canal treatment helps repair and save your teeth from extraction that may be badly injured or infected.  

Root canal treatment is performed when the pulp composed of nerves and blood vessels becomes infected or damaged. The dental Implant Specialist removes the pulp, cleans the tooth, and seals it during this therapy.  

People fear root canal treatment is very painful, and the pain related to decay or infection is more severe. And with the advancement of technology, medical science has made most treatment pain less because of anesthetics. So, in this article, you will learn how a root canal is safe and have no pain procedure. 

What Is Dental Pulp?

The pulp or chamber is the soft inner core area of the tooth that contains nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels. The nerves and tissues in your tooth help to grow when you are younger, and they may travel from your teeth to your inner mouth.  

A tooth's nerve isn't essential for a healthy tooth because it won't give any functionality to your teeth after they grow. Therefore if you find any sensation or pain around your gums or teeth, consider contacting a Dental Implants Specialist for thorough treatment and diagnosis. 

Why Does the Pulp Need to Be Removed?

When the pulp is dead or damaged, the bacteria may multiply within the pulp and cause heavy infection or abscessed tooth. An abscess is an infection of the pocket that may form inside the root canal and cause many problems. 

  • Swelling that may spread to your face, head, or neck 
  • Bone loss around the tooth root

Drainage problems may extend the root outwards, and a hole may occur through the side teeth, hums, and cheeks. This may lead to tooth extraction, so if you feel a root canal can't control the infection, consider contacting Dental Implant Specialist Near Me.

What Damages a Tooth's Pulp?

A tooth's pulp can become inflamed or irritated due to deep decay or repeated dental procedure. If you find root canal treatment not feasible, consider contacting a dentist for Dental Implant Surgery

What Are the Symptoms That Root Canal Treatment Is Needed?

Signs that you may need a root canal treatment include 

  • Severe toothaches while chewing or applying pressure 
  • Sensitivity related to hot or cold temperature 
  • Discoloration of tooth
  • Swelling and decay 
  • Recurring pain


If you are looking for a more extended time period, then the dental implant is the best choice because, with proper dental health, it can last life long. In contrast, a combined root canal and crown may last 15 years with proper oral maintenance. The dental implant has more success rate than the root canal treatment because, after 15 years, you need to replace your dental crown. Or you should consider contacting the best dental implant specialist near me to know what is best for you.  

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